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Husky injection molding systems are leading the industry to maximize productivity, minimize part variability and reduce maintenance to enable the lowest total cost to produce.

Our HyPET®6e platform is the ideal combination of proven technology and innovation engineered to work together to deliver new, unprecedented standards in sustainable molding. Engineered to be the market’s fastest system with unprecedented integration of machine, mold, auxiliary, and real-time remote monitoring, HyPET®6e achieves the ideal balance between high throughputs and quality without compromise.

Our HyCAPTM4 system delivers best-in-class beverage closures. With cavitation options from 24 to 96, compatibility with all the latest neck finishes and support ledge diameters, plus new tethered closure designs, HyCAP4 is your best choice for dependable capping of bottles and beverage containers.

Our Hylectric® system has undergone regular enhancements for more than a decade. This high-performance platform for molding top-quality parts provides maximum output, superior reliability, reduced maintenance and improved uptime.

Our advanced HyperSyncTM system is the industry’s first fully integrated injection molding system for specialty packaging. It can incorporate thinwall packaging with Multi-Layer Technology, including innovative In-mold label decorative capabilities.

Husky’s NexPETTM system is flexible, future-ready, and well-suited to beverage applications. With a large mold vertical pitch distance of 60 mm, it is ideal for sports drinks, juices, edible oils and ready-to-drink teas, and provides extra room to accommodate thread diameters as high as 40 mm. Plus, the NexPET mold features specially engineered hot runners that enable mold changeovers up to 25% faster—perfect for frequent, shorter runs and multiple preform SKUs.

Speeding your system order-to-delivery time

Whatever injection molding system you choose, Husky can now get it to you sooner. We recently launched our new digital and cloud-based information technology platform, NGOM (Next-Generation Operating Model). It significantly reduces customer order-to-delivery time from an already relatively fast four to five weeks to two weeks or even one week.

Commitment maintained with Advantage+EliteTM

To ensure customer equipment continuously performs at peak levels of productivity, reliability and sustainability, all PET and Closure systems are automatically protected with our Advantage+EliteTM real-time proactive monitoring solution. With Advantage+EliteTM, we deliver a proactive approach to service. We call you before a problem occurs. We use the power of connectivity to remotely monitor your system. And if we detect a decline in equipment performance, we are on top of it before you even notice – maintaining our commitment to your investments from part concept through to production, and beyond.


HyPET®6e Systems

Our new HyPET®6e platform sets new standards in sustainable molding with unprecedented machine, mold, and auxiliary integration – delivering superior rPET capability and part quality, increased energy efficiency, and the industry’s highest output.

Image of a Husky HyCAP4 System

HyCAP™4 Systems

HyCAP4 systems for high-efficiency beverage closure manufacturing provide up to 8% faster cycle times and 30% more energy savings compared to previous generations.

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The latest generation of Husky’s well-known platform features numerous technology enhancements to support demanding requirements. An extremely flexible manufacturing platform converts a wide range of raw material to deliver products serving diverse market needs, including industrial pails, thinwall food containers and medical devices.   

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Image of a Husky NexPet System

NexPET™ Systems

NexPET system’s flexible design is purpose-built for mid-volume PET preform manufacturing, shorter production runs and frequent design changeovers, while maintaining the highest performance and part quality.



HyperSync systems offer superior levels of performance, reliability, energy efficiency and user-friendliness for a wide range of demanding packaging applications. Leading cycle times, configuration flexibility and mold function integration ensure low production costs and a fast return on investment.

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Husky Auxiliaries

Husky Auxiliaries

Husky Auxiliaries enhance control and system integration – from loading and drying resin, to handling molded preforms, to effectively processing increased percentages of rPET material. This is because we understand the importance of controlling the drying process to ensure machine and mold operate at maximum efficiency and design our auxiliaries to work together seamlessly from front to back.

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Husky’s HPP technology is truly revolutionary. The operating parameters of HPP systems is entirely unique in the industry – exceptional operating capability leveraged to provide exceptional operating productivity and part quality.

The safe operation of HPP machines operating at HPP-level speed requires the use of tooling (including molds) specifically designed to withstand the extreme forces involved.

Not all Husky tooling is designed for HPP-level performance. Recognizing the market demand for machine compatibility Husky leverages the use of Mold ID technology to ensure safety and product integrity by seamlessly tailoring the operation of the injection molding machine in line with the capability of the installed tooling, if known, and otherwise default to current market standard. This safety strategy ensures that all components of the system operate at a safe level, including when operating with Husky’s legacy tooling and third party tooling (i.e. the safety system being entirely brand agnostic).


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