Husky upgrades provide like-new performance for older systems.

Husky injection molding systems are legendary for their durability. Reliable systems from decades ago that are still running reliably are quite common. But there comes a time when machines, molds, hot runners or controllers must be upgraded to extend their service life and meet modern standards for performance, cycle productivity and energy efficiency, all with the ease of Husky maintenance. 

The good news is that Husky offers experts and two affordable innovative technology upgrade solutions - Encore™ and Modernization. We know that proactively upgrading during injection molding machine maintenance or downtime can avoid costly downtime during peak production demands. It's simply smart. Upgrading your current depreciated equipment can be part of a balanced, comprehensive strategy to achieve machine fleet modernization, thereby reducing overall manufacturing costs.

Upgrade options:

Newer technology:

Machine upgrades to run tools with self-cleaning and alignment features.
Latest software and IPC.

Increased productivity:

Higher cavitation upgrades to increase machine output.
Cycle completion upgrades to facilitate machine restart in the event of a loss of power to the plant

Energy saving options:

PowerPro-G™, PowerPro-H™ and Adaptive System Pressure.

These Husky upgrades use the latest technology to run the injection molding system at the lowest hydraulic pressure, with no impact on cycle time.

Machine availability and reliability:
Packaged solutions to maintain hardware and control obsolescence.

Encore Upgrade

This is Husky's certified OEM solution for current systems, such as Husky G-Line machines, which ensures the safety, reliability and serviceability of the equipment. It includes a complete system review, audit, recommendation and implementation.

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Man performing a modernization upgrade to a Husky Polaris machine.

Modernization Upgrade

Specifically designed for Husky Polaris™ machines, this upgrade targets reductions in energy consumption and improvements to maintenance, cycle times and operator ease of use.

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A Husky technician performing an onsite upgrade for a client.

Your Upgrade Experience

Husky makes your on-site upgrade experience a positive one, whether you are a multinational brand, a mid-volume producer or a smaller injection molding operation. Once your upgrade is scheduled, our service team arrives on time with everything they need; reviews the plan with you, your process technicians and your operators; and keeps everyone apprised of progress with daily briefings. Finally, we test everything to ensure all work was performed to spec and that your newly upgraded system works flawlessly. Our team can also provide any spare parts you want for inventory or ensure they are readily available from our global parts network.

Talk with a Husky CSM business adviser, service manager or sales representative. We’ll work proactively with you to configure the best upgrade product and options to meet your needs, from a single machine to an entire fleet.

Machine Upgrades
Machine Upgrades for your Husky Equipment Adaptive System Pressure Control Solutions for GE Machines Core2Duo Upgrade to i7 Enhanced Tripping Mechanism for Q3M Maintaining Current IPC Backups Motion Lock Out - PET New Anti-Bounce Conveyor Pentium 3 IPC Upgrade to i7 Pentium 4 IPC Upgrade to i7 Pentium M IPC Upgrade to i7 XYCOM Human Machine interface to Beckhoff Panel
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