Hot Runner Temperature Control

Altanium® DataWave 2.0 Technology

Altanium® DataWave 2.0 is a single-cable thermocouple technology for Altanium® Mold Controllers that eliminates conventional thermocouple cables.

This solution moves the analog to digital conversion of the thermocouple signal from the Altanium® controller to a module that plugs into the thermocouple connectors on the hot runner electrical box. DataWave 2.0 processes the thermocouple signals at the mold and returns the temperature data to the controller through a small-diameter data cable. This technology simplifies cable management, reduces failure rates, and lowers costs.

Altanium® DataWave 2.0 technology delivers the following benefits:

  • Reducing bulk makes routing cables from the mold to the controller easier, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient molding cell.
  • A small diameter data cable between the mold and controller reduces connections when hanging or servicing a mold, resulting in faster change over time.
  • Smaller cable tracks can be specified for stack molds, resulting in space and cost savings due to fewer cables.
  • Reducing the number of cables results in fewer connections, leading to less unplanned downtime caused by failures due to excessive mating cycles and general carelessness of cable handling when disconnected from the mold or controller.

DataWave 2.0 is available for new hot runner designs and as a retrofit for existing systems. It can be applied to any hot runner system regardless of the manufacturer if the thermocouple connectors on the electrical box are of a compatible type and the associated Altanium® mold controller is DataWave 2.0 ready.


For further information, please see the DataWave 2.0 brochure available in the Resources box.

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