PET Preform Molds

As the world’s largest preform mold maker, Husky brings you unparalleled productivity with the highest-capacity injection molds and systems in the business. Whether you need new PET preform molds, restoration or refurbishment, or conversion of your existing tooling to our state-of-the-art technologies, Husky has your injection molding solution. We can create every conceivable mold configuration, from two to 144 cavities, with the proper pitch for your application.

Husky preform molds feature:

  • Proven design for the longest service life
  • Patented self-cleaning design
  • Fast cycle times and the highest efficiency
  • Advanced hot runners with Ultra technology
  • The lowest dimensional variability
  • Mold ID for optimized machine-to-machine process

All Husky molds are precision-engineered to the highest quality standards. They’ll dependably process virgin PET or rPET flake and pellets to bring greater sustainability to your end products. And we will work with you to make certain you have the right PET preform injection molding system—including machine, mold and auxiliaries—for your current and future needs. Husky is your partner for the long haul.

Husky beverage closure molds

Beverage Closure Molds

For high-speed performance, robustness and quality, nothing outperforms HyCAPTM closure molds.  These molds are an integral part of our advanced HyCAPTM4 injection molding system. Innovative features like free motion slides eliminate the need for horn pins and photo eyes, thereby improving cycle performance and avoiding the risk of mold collisions. Rigid plate designs with optimized cooling patterns contribute to a robust mold design that is optimized for speed. Our HT-S6 hot runner tip design improves color change performance and provides optimal gate quality. Mold ID enhanced features like Eject Assist help to simplify setup and optimize cycle time. 

Husky beverage closure and tethered closure molds deliver:

  • Closures of the highest quality
  • Best-in-class manufacturing efficiency
  • Best-in-class manufacturing productivity
  • Sustainability solutions
  • Hygienic safety solutions

Our dynamic portfolio of closure options are compatible with industry standard neck sizes for the water, carbonated soft drink (CSD) and sensitive (JSDT) markets. Our portfolio is available in a wide variety of  resin and master-batch combinations to meet OEM levels of performance. To comply with the upcoming European Directive, Husky is developing a portfolio of innovative tethering solutions that prioritize the consumer experience without compromising performance or weight.

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Husky NextPet Molds

NexPETTM Molds

The new Husky NexPET mold can run on multiple preform molding platforms and is ideal for middle output and multiple package markets. Designed with a larger vertical pitch distance of 60 mm, it can incorporate thread diameters as high as 40 mm—perfect for popular applications, such as sport drinks, juices, ready-to-drink teas and edible oils.

NexPET molds are engineered to reduce your initial system investment and future tooling conversion costs. They also feature specially designed hot runners that enable fast changeovers. This means faster cooldown, less waiting and mold change times that are up to 25% faster. Let NexPET help grow your business with the highest levels of preform quality at the lowest total cost to produce.


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