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From medical products and consumer goods to food and beverage containers and packaging to cosmetics, electronics, automotive and more, Husky TechnologiesTM, helps to make the world a better place. At the same time, we strive to make our customers—from startups to companies large and small, in both emerging and mature markets—more productive and profitable.

We also support their goal of manufacturing more sustainable products. As one of the world’s largest providers of injection molding systems, hot runners, controllers, auxiliaries and services to the plastics industry, we take environmental accountability very seriously. To that end, we engineer and build molding systems and solutions for our customers that use less energy and less material while producing less scrap during manufacturing.

We also look for ways to ensure that our customers can produce the strongest, yet lightest possible end products to help reduce their transportation costs and, in turn, the CO2 emissions created during transport, thus reducing our collective carbon footprint. Finally, we continue to develop injection molding systems that use more and more post-consumer recycled plastics, such as rPET, that can be recycled over and over again, reducing our industry’s need to generate more virgin plastics.

Since 1953, engineering excellence, ever-advancing technologies, design innovation, service and support have been hallmarks of Husky’s customer commitment. We don’t just manufacture and sell well-engineered injection molding systems, components and parts. We partner with customers like no one else—to ensure you have exactly the right machines for your plastic injection molding applications, whatever you manufacture, and that you can run at optimal capacity. We also make sure your systems and equipment are easy to maintain—for unparalleled productivity, minimal downtime and long service life that pay back your Husky investment, and your trust, many times over.

Examples of plastic consumer goods products

Consumer Goods

Husky TechnologiesTM help create the highest-quality consumer products that enhance shelf appeal, from thinwall packaging, cosmetics and personal care products to electronics, automotive parts and more.

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A child receiving a shot. A plastic medical product

Medical Products

Our best-in-class tooling and injection molding systems enable medical product manufacturers to deliver diagnostic devices, test kits and more, dependably and productively. All with part quality, risk, and patient safety in mind.

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