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Pronto® Hot Runners

Facing a tight time-to-market window with your injection-molded product? Perhaps you have an application that doesn’t require a highly customized hot runner design? Choose Pronto hot runners, and get high performance without a high price. Pronto hot runners feature fully configurable hot half or manifold and nozzle components. So you get outstanding flexibility and performance—throughput up to 350 g/s—for less than half the cost of standard hot runners.

Pronto hot runners are performance-proven for markets including automotive, packaging and consumer electronics. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of Pronto hot runner systems making pristine plastic parts all over the world. Pronto hot runners are also excellent prototyping and scale-up tools—the perfect options for customers who want to test out applications and develop key understandings about prototype molding before scaling up into more complex cavitations. Choose from over 100 available manifold layouts, with cavitation options from 2+2 to 16+16. Pronto hot runners enable you to make parts from multiple resins or multiple colors of the same resin, with either sequential or simultaneous injection. Plus, now Husky makes Pronto 2K hot runners available for multi-material applications.

Pronto hot runners feature:

  • Flexible injection molding nozzle lengths, pitch spacing and 14 different gating styles
  • Optimized hot runner manifold thermal design 
  • Independent injection for each manifold
  • 2K system designs for multi-material applications
  • Exceptional heat uniformity
  • 3-year leakproof guarantee

Best of all, Pronto hot runner systems are available at significantly reduced pricing, helping customers to appropriately plan for their hot runner capital expenditures. Pronto hot runner pricing is based on our ability to utilize internal automation tools, which enables us to provide customers with a premium Husky product and while also decreasing our number of internal design steps without impacting product quality. So we can offer our customers reduced lead times with rapid shipments, worldwide.

When you need Husky hot runners right away, Pronto hot runners are the way. They are available in literally thousands of design configurations, and they come with our leading Husky hot runner warranty. Whether you are looking for a quick delivery production system or a rapid prototyping tool, Pronto hot runners are the way to go.



Adding our industry-leading hot runners to your operations couldn’t be easier. With our online configurator, you can now spec, build and purchase Pronto DirectHot Runners from our website. We’ll confirm your order, build your hot runner and ship it directly to you—saving time and money. The configurator also enables you to spec and order a performance-matched Husky Altanium® Neo5 mold controller.

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