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Even from its beginnings back in 1953, Husky was forward-thinking in its philosophy about plastics and their place in this world. And we have never lost sight. Husky has long believed that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria should guide business decisions, operations and relationships-not only with customers, employees, and suppliers, but also with the communities in which we operate. Here's how we're making a meaningful, sustainable difference for customers, consumers, and our environment today, and for future generations. 

2021 ESG Report

Read our 2022 ESG Report
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With our solutions.

Helping our customers reach their sustainability goals is a top priority for Husky, no matter which plastics they use in their operations. With today’s circular economy driving package design, we work closely with customers to ensure that their packaging and other end products meet specific regional design requirements, particularly with regard to recycling and recycled content in the packaging itself.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is one of the most environmentally friendly materials to help solve the problem of plastics pollution now and in the future. It is inert, medical-grade, infinitely recyclable and product-reusable. Our injection molding systems support PET’s important role in the global circular economy. The PET end products our machines make can be recycled back into new PET bottles and packaging to close the loop. PET can also be recycled into fiber for consumer products such as clothing and carpeting, shoes, automotive materials, upholstery, and much more. PETInfinite Possibilities.

What’s more, we’ve developed innovative tethered closure designs that satisfy new legislation around recyclability. And we’re at the forefront of rPET advances, with systems that connect directly to third party melt providers to turn washed rPET Flake into preforms. So customers in the food, beverage and consumer markets can meet their recycled content targets, anywhere from 0–100% rPET. Husky machines are helping some customers to reshape a recycled PET bottle and have it back in a consumer’s hand in as little as five days. Sustainability is truly in our Husky DNA, locally, regionally and globally.

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A waterfall at an earth friendly Husky facility

With our facilities.

Husky’s commitment to sustainability can also be seen in our earth-friendly work environments. Our headquarters in Canada, as well our technical centers and manufacturing facilities worldwide, are designed to incorporate energy-saving attributes that help minimize their environmental impact. Many feature highly insulated concrete construction, with solar energy and radiant floors and ceilings to reduce heating and cooling loads. Skylights and windows that allow more natural light inside for lower electrical requirements. Plus, naturalized landscaping that minimizes or eliminates the need for pesticides. We also recycle every waste stream possible—water and fluids, paper, compost, glass, plastic, metals, wood, and refuse. Up to 96% of our waste is diverted from landfills. And we invest in products and technologies that support environmental sustainability.

Husky People practice Sustainability. A mother and child plant a tree.

With our people.

We encourage our employees to live active, healthy lifestyles and volunteer their time to charitable causes and the communities in which we work. We are passionate supporters of educational institutions in the U.S., Canada and Europe that promote the value of environmental responsibility. And we, as people, are keenly focused on creatively developing responsible, sustainable consumer packaging solutions with minimal waste and ecological impact. It’s all at the core of our Husky culture.


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