Now You Can Mold the Unmoldable


The newest family of Husky hot runners—UltraShot—offers dramatic advances over traditional injection technology. The UltraShot hot runner injection molding system features a servo-controlled injection system that permits more precise melt control than ever—right in the gate. How? By positioning the shooting pots in closer proximity to the gates and pressurizing the resin near the cavities, which reduces shear and thermal variations in part quality and performance. This enables part designers ultimate part freedom, removing design barriers caused by injection molding process constraints.

Le système d'injection UltraShot™ par rapport aux canaux chauds traditionnels

Scale Up—Time Saved, Properties Preserved

Faster qualification time from pilot-to-product tooling can significantly reduce your manufacturing risks and costs—and most importantly, time to market. This is especially critical in the medical market, where part approvals and certification can be a lengthy process. With UltraShot injection technology, flow-front arrival time shortens, giving you unparalleled command of cavity filling and short-shot balance control. You can essentially produce identical, repeatable performance in every cavity. And it’s instantly scalable to 128 cavities under identical processing conditions, regardless of mold size.


Manufacturing, Efficiently

More importantly, while the melt in a conventional hot runner can go through many high-pressure injection cycles, the melt in UltraShot hot runners experiences far fewer. This means that the UltraShot system creates less stress in the part and produces less scrap and waste, resulting in better visual quality of the finished part.  Because the properties of the resin are retained, the quality of part production is significantly improved compared to a conventional hot runner system.

Now, a finished molded part can be produced in just one manufacturing step and in one production cell, instead of several. This is especially valuable to medical molders, because it reduces the number of step-by-step processes and product validations required, helping to get products to market faster, with a significantly reduced manufacturing footprint.

Graph showing the birefringence caparison between conventional hot runners and the UltraShot™ injection system

Transparent Process Control

The Husky UltraShot hot runner system also gets its precision from companion Altanium® mold controllers, which accurately monitor set temperatures and cell manufacturing operations. So products are more dimensionally consistent and exhibit ideal balance, thanks to a stabler, more closely monitored hot runner injection process.

Best of all, the UltraShot hot runner system comes in a range of sizes. And our design team is always here to help you with engineering assistance, from first to final design requirements.


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