Unify® Hot Runners

UNIFY hot runners are a perfect fit for automotive applications from interior and exterior parts to under-the-hood components and more. That’s because their longevity and robust design align with today’s longer automotive model runs, typically three to four years. Husky UNIFY hot runners operate with a focus on reliability that is so strong, it’s almost set-it-and-forget-it. Plus the unique drop-in design of a UNIFY hot runner makes it simple for standard maintenance intervals.

Simply unbox it, drop it in and put it right to work. That’s how easy it is to install Husky’s UNIFY hot runner manifold into the mold. You don’t need to preheat the system, so you’ll cut your installation time by up to 70% versus other preassembled manifolds. It comes prewired and preassembled, with all components already in place, to get you up and running quickly and productively. Plus, it’s super-easy to maintain, with three-step removal, simplified water and oil fittings, and clearly marked connections.

UNIFY hot runner manifolds feature:

  • A choice of hydraulic or pneumatic valve gate operation
  • UltraSeal® leakproof technology with a 3-year guarantee
  • Proven performance with Husky standard nozzles
  • Self-aligning nozzles that go right into the gates
  • Custom rigid frame that matches manifold and mold layout

At Husky, we listen closely to our automotive customers and use their feedback to design UNIFY hot runners for their exact molding needs. We’ve put careful consideration into uptime and ease of use. And simple, fast maintenance. Husky UNIFY hot runners are so dependable because we build them based on our decades of experience engineering highly customized systems that offer high performance to customers who need drop-in design. And UNIFY hot runners come in many different sizes. Plus, the Husky design team is always available to help you with upfront design assistance all the way to final design requirements.


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