Tethered Closures

The recently introduced European Single-Use Plastic Directive mandates that all plastic beverage containers sized three liters and below must have the closure tethered to the container by July 2024. 

This sustainability initiative creates challenges for the brand owner in the short term. To continue participation in the European market, and to meet European Union (EU) legislative requirements, the brand must incorporate tethered designs on its products. The behavior of the tethered solution (intuitiveness and feedback) can have a significant impact on the perception of the brand in the eyes of the consumer. Husky’s portfolio of tethered solutions have been developed with the consumer experience as a critical design input. 

Husky has developed a portfolio of closure designs—including Easy Closing, Snap-Style, Premium Locking Closure and Locking Closure with Wide Support Ledge—that comply with the EU guidelines while placing a priority on ensuring a positive consumer experience. 

Example of beverage tethered closure

Intuitive and simple to use.

Many competitive tethered offerings in the market claim intuitive operation. However, they require excessive manipulation of the closure by users to position the shell so it does not interfere with the drinking or pouring experience.

Husky solves this challenge by offering two approaches to tethered closures—slit and molded-in bridge. The slit approach creates tethering by simple scoring of the closure with a heated blade, post-mold. The molded-in bridge approach features an innovative hinge design that provides tactile and audible user feedback to signal when the closure is in the locked position. It fully unscrews from the neck and behaves like any commercially available flip-top closure with the added benefit of locking capability. No secondary operation is required. And because the hinge is molded in, part-to-part consistency and quality improve, while downstream handling requirements become simpler.

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