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The keys to medical injection molding are mitigating risk, maximizing part quality and patient safety, and scaling to meet your needs. With more than 60 years of experience, Husky delivers performance-proven, high-quality medical device injection molding and tooling solutions you can trust—including injection molding systems, hot runners, controllers, molds, machines and auxiliaries.

Medical laboratory parts, test kits, diagnostic devices and drug delivery devices must be precision-engineered, weight-optimized and function-focused. The heart of the Husky system is powered by Schöttli molds, and delivered to you with high-level repeatability and low risk. They’re just some of the reasons why we are the medical molding partner of choice for more than 30 global medical product manufacturers.

The compact cluster design of Schöttli molds, which use lateral, symmetrical gating, allows for significant material savings. Plus, our special materials and coating technology enable you to meet multiple health mandates and legislative requirements worldwide. When finished product wall thickness variations, warpage or core deformation are unacceptable, Schöttli injecting molding systems from Husky are your single-source solution.

Schöttli molds feature:

  • Cycle time optimization for lowest total cost of ownership
  • Stack mold technology for maximum productivity
  • Quick change system to minimize downtime
  • Electric ejector drives suitable for cleanroom molding and stack molds
  • Schöttli pin protection system for risk mitigation
  • Mold alignment technology to ensure ongoing reliability in running processes

Medical molds from Schöttli offer superior technologies, optimum quality and precision. They’re especially well-suited to the manufacturing of:

  • COVID-19 diagnostic or other test kits
  • Petri dishes and medical vials
  • injection systems and cuvettes
  • Reagent or blood collection tubes
  • Infusion and transfusion products
  • Rotationally symmetric parts like syringe barrels and plungers
  • Pipette tips, and much more

All these molds are backed by fast, reliable delivery and installation, plus exceptional engineering support and customer service worldwide.

In addition to systems and support, Husky can help medical injection mold product manufacturers with consultation on product design, development and optimization. Configuring new mold concepts through thermal and rheological analysis and process simulation. And fast mold prototyping with complete validation.


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