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Reducing part variability and enhancing predictability are key in medical injection molding. Most injection molding manufacturers over-spec their machines, hot runners, molds and controllers to eliminate the high cost of producing a bad part. This generates waste. At Husky, we start with the end medical part you want and engineer the entire system to meet or exceed the current norm, enhance efficiencies and output on your shop floor, and eliminate waste.

Our systems approach harnesses the synergy of every component to deliver a smarter-built system. This not only produces better plastic medical injection parts, but also supports better management and response to unforeseen environmental influences—such as an unexpected temperature change in your plant. Husky systems can interact with data from different components, create connectivity between them and adapt internally to sudden changes. This puts greater control in the hands of your operator.

Various medical and laboratory parts created with Husky medical injection molding


Schöttli molds have been renowned in the medical mold industry for their precision, speed, and excellent repeatability. Because of their compact cluster design, consistent wall thickness, and high-volume capacity, Schöttli medical molds have been the pre-eminent choice for use in medical and laboratory settings. Husky Technologies customers enjoy an enhanced level of technical expertise in the production of the highest-quality parts, additional capacity to increase speed-to-market, and improved responsiveness delivered by the industry’s largest global service and support network.

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Test tubes with stoppers made using ICHOR systems for medical injection molding.

Molding ideal for diagnostic and lab consumables

Trust ICHOR systems to get you to market fast with durable drug-delivery devices for diagnostic and laboratory applications. Your parts and products are formed with legendary Husky precision and repeatability, ready to meet all pertinent global regulatory requirements—so you can be certain about quality, performance and patient safety. Let Husky help you mold these and other medical products with maximum optical clarity and best-in-class operational performance.

  • Infusion/transfusion devices
  • Pipette tips
  • Blood collection tubes
  • Swab tubes
  • Reaction tubes
  • Petri dishes
  • General IVD disposables
  • And more
Auto-injectors produced with Husky molding systems

Medical plastic molding of Injection Devices

Do you have patients who suffer from certain chronic diseases or allergies? Husky molding systems enable you to produce auto-injectors that offer easy and intuitive use, especially in emergency situations. Whether you are injection molding empty or pre-filled syringes for single-use administration or cartridge-based (pen-injection) systems for single- or multiuse administration, Husky medical molding precision ensures the highest level of product quality for your drug delivery devices with the lowest level of risk.

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Pharmaceutical bottles produced using Husky medical injection molding systems

Molding systems for pharmaceutical packaging and closures

Husky medical injection molding systems produce pharmaceutical packaging that meets five important criteria: containment, accessibility, protection, integrity and stability. All are critical factors in the packaging of products and prescriptions sold behind or over the counter. Quality packaging also helps build brand identity and consumer preference while helping to prevent counterfeiting. Depend on our medical molding solutions to meet your exact cost/performance parameters in producing the following:

  • Vials
  • Nasal sprays
  • Sanitizer containers
  • Prescription bottles and containers
Mouthwash packaging that was produced using a medical injection molding system

Consumer healthcare packaging and closures

Injection molding equipment that delivers just the right color, shape and shelf appeal are key to consumer trust and preference in healthcare packaging and retail display. So are protecting and sealing the products and their closures against damage, undesirable moisture, light, oxygen or temperature variations. Husky medical injection molding systems and solutions help you achieve all this and more—with high-volume throughput and low scrap rates, precise repeatability, and minimal maintenance.

  • Eyedrop containers
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • OTC dietary supplements
  • Mouthwashes

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