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The Husky family of Ultra® hot runner systems can optimize your system’s performance through better balance, faster color changes and minimal parts variation for superior finished part quality. Their wide operating window gives you maximum processing flexibility.

Ultra hot runners feature Ultra HelixTM valve gates. This advanced injection molding valve gate technology delivers a gate vestige so clean, it is virtually unmeasurable. And it lasts for millions of cycles—the best longevity in the industry. Ultra Helix integrates precision gate and alignment geometry in the replaceable hot nozzle tip, virtually eliminating mechanical wear and simplifying cold half machining requirements. And now our new Ultra Helix 250T2 valve gate nozzle, ideal for parts with challenging gate access or tight pitch mold layouts, is available.

What if your gate is on a sidewall? Choose our Ultra SideGateTM hot runner. It allows direct gating of parts that would otherwise require gating with a cold runner. Or choose our new Ultra SideGate Inline option. It is perfect for part spacing as low as 18 mm, and it is available with individual tip temperature control (up to four tip nozzles) for industry-leading balanced performance.

Ultra hot runners also feature 100% valve stem actuation via our latest UltraSync-ETM electric servo motor technology for unsurpassed consistency, shot to shot and part to part. Synchronized stem opening and closing velocity reduces gate wear and extends the life of valve stems. UltraSync-E technology is ideal for cleanroom manufacturing of medical, technical and high-precision small parts weighing less than one gram. It is also compatible with Ultra 350, Ultra 500 and Ultra 750 valve gate hot runner nozzles.

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