Encore - Polaris Upgrade Services

The Husky Encore - Polaris program for Polaris™ machines provides upgrade solutions that target improved energy consumption, maintenance, cycle time and ease of use. Polaris upgrade features include a Husky Polaris control platform with EtherCAT bus to communicate with field devices, Beckhoff EtherCAT T/C plugs for machine and mold temperature feedback, EtherCAT Temposonic rods to replace existing Profibus Temposonic rods, convenience lighting for the mold area, and an operator and maintenance manual.

Husky backs its upgrades with 1 year on-line remote support via the current TeamViewer remote connectivity tool via Husky Call Centers.

PET Features include:

  • 19” Touch Screen Operator HMI with switchable Simplified Operator Control (SOC) and traditional screens
  • Same look and feel as Husky’s latest machines (ease of use)
  • Expanded list of SPC/SQC variables (similar to latest machines)
  • Auto-calibration servo valves (with new ~15 new pressure transducers)
  • Servo valve self-calibration gives a faster and more accurate valve tuning and adjusts to servo spool wear over time
  • Ability to change a servo valve without service technician on site (auto linearization table generation)

Finally, Husky Encore - Polaris provides the added option for 611U to Sinamics Robot Drives, which includes the Sinamics robot cabinet, Sinamics drives, and an upgrade from Profibus to EtherCAT. Sinamics is the latest generation of servo drive control.


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