Hylectric Systems

High performance platform for molding top quality parts

    • Improve functionality and productivity with Hylectric machine options

    • Stack mold carrier

      Husky’s stack mold carrier with harmonic linkage provides accurate mold alignment, making it easy to install, remove and service. The center section carrier and moving platen travel on linear bearings located on the machine base for fast, clean operation.

    • hylectric-2-stage-injection
      Two-stage injection

      Separating plasticizing and injection functions allows for continuous recovery and better melt quality, which translates to high quality parts and faster cycles. Our design does not require check valves, which improves shot control, provides wider shot range and greater application flexibility.

    • Multi-material injection

      Standard side-by-side configuration reduces floor space and height requirements. The extruder on the center line provides the flexibility of running conventional molds on the same machine when multi-material injection is not required.

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