Hylectric Systems

High performance platform for molding top quality parts

    • Available from 160 to 1200 tonnes (170 to 1300 tons)

    • Competition in the marketplace demands that molders produce parts with higher quality, lower cost and minimal variability. Husky’s parts first approach led to development of our Hylectric® machine, which is the base platform for every system we produce. For more than a decade, our Hylectric machines have undergone regular enhancements to provide maximum output, superior reliability, reduced maintenance and improved uptime.

      • 15-30% faster cycles than competitor machines
      • Reflex platens for better tonnage utilization with wide tie-bar spacing
      • High plasticizing rates for better process capability
      • Improved mold protection using low force mold stroke cylinders
      • Reflex platens extend mold life by evenly distributing clamping forces
      • Polaris™ Control delivers tight process control for high shot-to-shot repeatability
      • Our unique clamp design results in less flash and scrap
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