HyPET Systems

Flexible preform injection molding systems for every application and volume

    • Standard features maximize the productivity of your preform manufacturing process.

    • HyPET Systems

      HyPET® is a flexible preform injection molding system capable of outputs from 360 to 110,000 preforms per hour. It is available in five sizes ranging from 120 to 500 tonnes.

    • Preform molds

      Husky's preform molds are designed and built to produce the highest quality preforms at the industry’s best cycle times. We continue to invest in our dedicated state-of-the-art facilities to increase capacity, reduce lead times and maximize part quality. In-house mold test capability means molds arrive at your facilities pre-accepted and ready to run. Preform molds range from two to 144 cavities.

      With global services like mold refurbishment, conversion, troubleshooting, assembly/disassembly, as well as our spare hot runner loaner program, we are able to provide local support to keep you up and running and minimize your downtime.

    • husky-hypet-coolpik

      HyPET uses an integrated part cooling and handling system called CoolPik®, which features up to four cycles of balanced cooling on the inner and outer surface of the preform. This results in faster cycles and better part quality versus post-mold cooling systems that only cool the outer surface.

    • Polaris Controls

      All functions of our PET molding systems are managed from a single operator screen, including integrated auxiliaries and downstream part handling equipment. Polaris™ Control is intuitive and provides rich process monitoring data, helping reduce training requirements.

    • husky-feature-mold-id
      Mold ID

      Husky’s intelligent Mold ID integrates process data and operational history from the machine, cold half, hot runner and post-mold cooling to help operators set up each production run quickly and help maintenance personnel manage preventative maintenance schedules.

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