HyPET Systems

Flexible preform injection molding systems for every application and volume

    • HyPET systems are configured with Husky PET resin dryers and mold dehumidifiers for a complete, integrated system managed from a single point of contact

    • By choosing to include the resin dryer and mold dehumidifier, Husky is able to offer a more streamlined system using technology that is specifically optimized for your market and application.

      We coordinate the integration, testing and delivery of complete turnkey systems that are optimized for maximum productivity. We are responsible for the complete workcell, overseeing configuration, supply and installation, as well as providing complete support, service and parts complemented by a comprehensive warranty.

      A complete solution allows for multiple benefits, including improved energy consumption, enhanced controls interface and advanced feature capability. In addition to resin dryers and mold dehumidifiers, Husky also offers chillers and soft-drop part handling, all centrally controlled through the HyPET® operator interface.

      Advantages of this integration include:
      • Control of entire molding system from a single interface
      • Remote connectivity through ServiceLink
      • Integrated alarm handling and notification for easy troubleshooting
      • Assured total process control through SPC
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