HyPET Systems

Flexible preform injection molding systems for every application and volume

    • Industry-leading technology that is proven and reliable

    • husky-hypet-system-hpp

      Since 1978, Husky has been the preform equipment industry’s technology leader. Our HyPET® platform offers the broadest product line available to meet the needs of any application. All components of our integrated HyPET system, including machine, mold, hot runner, robot, post-mold cooling and auxiliaries, are specifically designed to work together as a fully integrated and optimized workcell. This approach makes it possible for you to achieve the highest levels of overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

      HyPET delivers high quality preforms, fast cycles, reliable performance and low scrap rates. The latest generation HyPET system features higher energy efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements versus previous generations. We also offer a diverse range of services, including mold conversions, preform lightweighting, mold refurbishing, preform development and preform prototyping.

      HyPET systems deliver:
      • Reduced variability and increased part quality
      • Lowest energy consumption in its class
      • Polaris Control provides an intuitive operator experience, reducing operator training and providing rich process monitoring data
      • Fully integrated workcell to get up and running faster and keep running more efficiently
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