HyPAC Systems

Superior performance and lower part costs

    • Optimized systems for demanding packaging applications

    • husky-thinwall-packaging-comp

      Husky’s purpose-built HyPAC™ system helps keep you competitive by producing high volume, superior quality, repeatable parts at a low cost. Our HyPAC system is based on our industry-leading Hylectric® platform and offers an injection rate that is twice the industry standard. HyPAC also includes Ultra Packaging hot runner nozzles, providing superior thermal and pressure balance. For stack mold systems our split-sprue bar eliminates drool and promotes stack mold balance.

      • HyPAC-P
      • Highest throughput in the industry
      • Greatest flexibility in balancing shot size and throughput
      • Polaris™ Control provides seamless integration of third-party equipment
      • Ultra Packaging hot runner nozzles feature 10% better pressure and thermal balance versus conventional technology
      • HyPAC-RS
      • Hydraulic power and control are located at point of use, providing responsive, repeatable performance
      • Pin shut-off reduces drool by 90% versus conventional nozzles and has one-third the actuation time, allowing more time for recovery
      • Highest peripheral screw speed in the industry
      • Industry-leading injection acceleration rate
      • Ability to run lower injection pressures, resulting in reduced tonnage and longer mold life
    • These features, combined with a direct drive unit that delivers 30% more plasticizing, produce faster cycles and offer better mold protection than traditional packaging machines.

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