HyCAP Systems

Fully integrated beverage closure manufacturing solutions that maximize productivity

    • Standard features maximize the productivity of your closure manufacturing process

      • Robust, simple, and easy to maintain mold design that does not require photo-eyes or horn pins for slide alignment
      • Reflex platen technology reduces process variability, delivers improved part quality and extends mold life
      • Automated color change minimizes waste and improves uptime
      • Compact direct drive motor enables up to 30% throughput improvements for a given injection screw size versus previous generations
      • Optimized injection screw offers increased flexibility and a broad application range
      • Part ejection profiling enables faster cycle times without sacrificing part quality
      • SmartStart® and SmartStop reduces operator error and minimizes resin consumption
      • Polaris™ Control provides intuitive control of all molding parameters
      • Energy Savings Package hot runner provides up to 30% energy savings over previous generation
      • Ultra hot runner provides industry’s fastest color change for minimized scrap and changeover time
      • Increased tooling flexibility by maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy Husky tooling
      • Mold ID option enables process storage and recall to minimize scrap and enable faster start-ups
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