H-PET AE (All-Electric) Systems

Lower risk, higher return on investment for lower volume preform manufacturing

    • Standard features maximize the productivity of your preform manufacturing process

    • Lower cost of ownership

      H-PET AE™ is an extremely efficient and reliable lower output preform manufacturing system that provides a higher return on investment. H-PET AE delivers the lowest part cost in this segment with minimal maintenance requirements, increased energy efficiency, tight process controls, accurate mold tolerances and high quality auxiliaries.

    • System flexibility

      H-PET AE’s straightforward design provides you with a flexible configuration when using a single machine for multiple applications. The system has been designed to allow for quick and easy mold changes, giving you the ability to increase productivity and lower conversion costs when changing molds. The system’s standard mold uses a common module size capable of molding threads up to 38 mm for all cavitations and machine sizes.

    • husky-polaris-hmi-hypet
      Polaris Control interface

      Polaris™ Control interface is designed specifically for PET and provides an intuitive operator experience, reducing operator training and providing rich process monitoring data. PC-based controls manage all functions of our PET molding systems, with optional packages to integrate auxiliaries and downstream part handling equipment.

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