PRONTO Hot Runners

Configurable hot runners with superior performance at an unbeatable value

    • The PRONTO advantage

    • PRONTO® hot runners and manifold systems are offered at a lower price and come with easier and faster delivery. PRONTO hot runners come with a fully configurable hot half or manifold and nozzle components, offering ultimate flexibility and outstanding performance – all for less than the price of a standard hot runner.

      PRONTO hot runners and manifold systems offer flexible nozzle lengths, pitch spacing and 14 different gating styles for systems with up to 32 drops. PRONTO hot runners and manifolds also come with an application review and as fully assembled hot halfs ready to be bolted on and run.

      What's new?
      The next generation PRONTO manifold system offers:
      • Faster drawing lead times
      • Updated resources to allow easy manifold integration into the mold design for moldmakers
      • Faster system lead times – 1 to 2 week faster delivery than similar sized custom hot runner solution (Europe and Americas), 12 days (Asia) for 1-8 drops
      • Leakproof guarantee (new for manifold systems)
      • Optimized manifold thermal design and validated temperature performance, delivering exceptional heat uniformity

      PRONTO offers:
      • Over 100 available manifold layouts
      • Throughputs up to 350 g/s available with three nozzle sizes
      • Three-year leakproof guarantee for complete hot halfs and manifold systems
      • Optimized melt channels for every application
      • Easy-to-understand guidelines and design information

      Husky supplies:
      • Complete design information, including:
        • Three dimensional models: Manifold, components and inverse installation
        • Two dimensional drawings: Plan/section view, electrical schematic, plate installations, gate detail 
      • Support resources to help design plate features, such as cooling and wiring
      • Manifold and all hot runner components, optimized for your application

      We make it easy for you to order. Click on ‘How to order’ to begin the ordering process.

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