June 26, 2024

Customer Spotlight: Bai-Kakaji Group Leverages Injection Molding Technology for Sustainable, Lightweight Closures

Bai-Kakaji Group, a leading regional beverage packaging company in India, wanted to introduce the more lightweight, cost-effective 26/22 GME30.41 closure to the Indian market.


Gas retention has been a significant issue in lighter dispensing systems since the inception of the GME30.37 neck finish in India. Beverage producers and converters in the Indian market traditionally used PCO 1881 and Alaska neck finishes, which are known for good performance at a significantly heavier weight. The biggest challenge, therefore, was in addressing pervasive negative sentiments associated with alternative technologies and closures, which were believed to struggle with gas retention.

Bai-Kakaji communicated their desire to move to the 26/22 neck finish, while also meeting gas retention standards (as per Cetie and the expectations of Bai-Kakaji). Up to this point, the company had worked with 10 compression molding closure systems. Having already established a long-standing relationship with Husky and trust in our preform solutions, the company felt confident switching from a compression to an injection molding solution for their eleventh closure system.


To respond to the challenges presented, Husky recommended the 48-cavity HyCAPTM4 complete system, a high-output injection molding machine that is the industry's only fully integrated beverage closure system. Compared to the company’s previous use of compression molding, injection molding offers greater control over material distribution, enabling the creation of thinner, lighter caps and closures, including 26/22 GME30.41 closures.

“Upon successful trials, we quickly confirmed the system. The collaboration with Husky was seamless and this solid partnership continually motivates us to achieve technical excellence,” said Pramod Mundada, Director at Bai-Kakaji.


This transition to injection molding, which marked the first successful implementation of such technology for GME30.41 closures in India, has yielded significant benefits, including:

  • A cycle time of 3.0 seconds per 48 cavities, enabling increased output and profitability
  • A weight reduction of 0.16 grams compared to alternative solutions, resulting in significant resin savings without compromising performance
  • A 0.04% to 0.07% reject rate on high speed lines, minimizing waste and maximizing production efficiency
  • Exceptional carbonation retention at par or even higher versus heavier closure alternatives for the same neck finish available in the market
  • Assuming 1 kg of HDPE equals 1.92 kg of CO2, an anticipated savings of approximately 134 metric tonnes of CO2 annually, significantly enhancing the company’s sustainability efforts

“Husky’s support – before, during, and now – has been very instrumental in the success of this transition. In less than 4 months since installation, the machine is running at full capacity and is completely booked for orders, which is a great sign for any converter,” said Akshay Mundada, Director at Bai-Kakaji.

As a result of these enhancements, Bai-Kakaji Group was recently recognized as the most innovative closure company at the prestigious Modern Plastics Awards 2024, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and driving positive change.

What Is the HyCAPTM4  System?  

Husky’s HyCAPTM4 system is the industry's only fully integrated beverage closure system designed and built to work together for increased productivity, energy efficiency, and ease of use. 

The next generation HyCAPTM4 system leverages a proven platform and industry-leading technologies to produce the highest quality closures on the market. With cavitation options from 32 to 96, compatibility with all the latest neck finishes and support ledge diameters, as well as new tethered closure designs, HyCAPTM4 is your best choice for dependable capping of bottles and beverage containers.


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