January 24, 2024

Application Spotlight: EcoVector's Sustainable Transformation with Husky Solutions


EcoVector, a Mexico based company with a rich history in providing the urban pest control industry with state-of-the-art equipment and products, among other sectors, saw an opportunity to disrupt the mousetrap market with innovative, sustainable packaging and processes. EcoVector already had a strong foothold in the regional market, but limited manufacturing capabilities. While they owned molds, they had been relying on third-party manufacturing for production of their mousetraps. As EcoVector had growth goals, they found this arrangement hindered their creative potential, cost efficiency, and process control. 


Husky recommended its Hylectric system, a high-performance packaging molding solution engineered to process recycled PET (rPET), while supporting aggressive cycle times, high quality and part-to-part consistency. Empowered by the performance and flexibility the Hylectric delivered, EcoVector was able to convert their global mousetrap production from polypropylene to rPET. The technology also enabled EcoVector to gain full autonomy over their production process by bringing manufacturing in-house. 


The switch has increased operational flexibility and revolutionized EcoVector’s mousetrap production process, resulting in:

  • A 90% reduction in production costs
  • A 40% reduction in cycle time

These enhancements had a significant impact on revenue, enabling EcoVector to recover their investment within six months. This dramatic success has been a catalyst for additional investment for the company, and EcoVector has since acquired a complete rPET plant, enabling full vertical integration with their rPET production. To maximize production capacity, they are also in the process of building six new molds for their mousetrap application.

EcoVector's shrewd investments haven't just redefined their operations; they've opened a compelling new chapter. The company is now eyeing the realm of rPET cutlery and have plans to purchase their first rPET cutlery system in 2024. This step would see EcoVector become the first in market to provide recyclable cutlery at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials.

Their strides with increasing the amount of rPET material in their products have seen EcoVector recognized by the United Nations for their sustainability achievements, allowing them to provide carbon credits for clients.

What Are Hylectric Injection Molding Machines?  

Hylectric injection molding machines are designed to support aggressive cycle times for a wide range of applications like cutlery, thinwall food packaging, pails, closures, and medical devices. 

Hylectric machines are equipped with Husky’s distinctive three-platen clamping unit. The Reflex platen is designed to enable uniform clamping force distribution across the entire molding surface, for part-to-part consistency and quality.

Superior tonnage distribution helps to reduce clamping force and mold wear. This, combined with wide tie-bar spacing, large platens and a stiff clamp base, make Hylectric 4.0TM ideally equipped to run heavy, high cavitation molds that would typically require larger conventional machines. 

The latest generation Hylectric 4.0 includes all of the standard features and configurations of previous generations, with capabilities to enhance connectivity, control, energy management, and streamline operator experience. The result offers superior levels of productivity, versatility, and ease of use. 

To meet growing demands for performance flexibility, Husky offers Hylectric machines from 120 to 1200 metric tons with a broad selection of injection units. Longer versions of the clamping unit are available for large shut-height tools.


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