Altanium Mold Controllers

The injection molding industry’s easiest to use, most accurate mold controllers

    • Most Comprehensive Mold Controller Warranty in the Industry

    • husky-altanium-matrix-neo-comp
      Husky’s Altanium™ mold controllers provide the most accurate temperature, integrated servo and valve gate control and the best fault recovery solutions in the industry. They also feature easy-to-use navigation on full color screens and are available in a variety of configurations that can be implemented in any injection molding environment.


      • 2 to 255 zones of temperature control
      • Simple and intuitive operation
      • Interchangeable cards and interfaces across the entire product line
      • Industry leading Active Reasoning Technology (ART)
      • Automated mold diagnostics
      • Large, intuitive, high definition touch monitors
      • Password and user name enabled security
      • Multi-language support
      • Expandable platform that supports mold servo and valve gate control
    • Altanium Neo5™ Operator Interface—cost effective, simple to use controller for two to 48 zones

      • 10.1” high definition color touch monitor

      Altanium Delta5™ Operator Interface—premium performance at an affordable price for up to 128 zones and UltraSync-E control

      • 15.6” high definition color touch monitor

      Altanium Matrix5™ Operator Interface—high-end feature set with a large user interface for up to 255 zones, 6 mold servo axes and UltraSync-E control

      • 22” high definition color touch monitor

      Altanium Servo Control

      Easy to use servo actuation for all of your mold movements

      As the industry continues to move away from hydraulics and pneumatics, servos are quickly becoming the new standard for actuating mold movements. Our Altanium Servo Control technology has been designed specifically for the molding industry. This dependable and flexible approach to controlling many different aspects of the mold provides a solution that supports up to 6 individual servo axes. Based on the Altanium Matrix5™ platform, Altanium Servo Control is the first fully integrated servo, valve gate and temperature controller on the market that is globally supported from start-up to production.

      Altanium Valve Gate Sequencer

      The new Altanium Valve Gate Sequencer is a technology that provides complete pneumatic and hydraulic sequencing for up to 16 valve gates. It operates based on screw position, time and other definable analog and digital inputs. The Altanium Valve Gate Sequencer is available with the Delta5 or Matrix5 operator interfaces configured as either a standalone sequencer or integrated with hot runner control. The Altanium Valve Gate Sequencer is ideal for precise valve gate control during injection to control flow line position and balance part filling on large multi-gated or long thin parts where finish and strength are critical.

      Valve gate sequencing allows:

      • Controlled part filling
      • Elimination of weld lines (cascade filling)
      • Positioning of weld lines (sequential filling)
      • Mechanical balancing of family molds

      The most comprehensive mold controller warranty in the industry

      Husky’s Altanium™ mold controllers not only provide the most accurate temperature and mold control but now have the best warranty in the industry. All Altanium H-series controllers are now covered by a 5-year warranty that includes the interface, H-series control cards and mainframe.
      This program affects Altanium Neo5, Delta5 and Matrix5 controllers. It also covers portions of Altanium Servo Controllers and UltraSync-E controllers and is the only 5 year warranty that includes the operator interface (Neo5, Delta5 and Matrix5).

      Altanium H-Series – Industry’s Most Advanced Control Cards

      Measurement and control accuracy even better than industry leading previous generation Altanium
      Compact design saves space on the molding floor
      Added safety features
      Best in class troubleshooting and fault mitigation capabilities

      • Detects a wide range of fault conditions by measuring both line and earth leakage current
      • Detects a short and stops power output before the fuse clears using the fast acting short circuit detection function

      Delivers reliability levels expected in demanding molding environments

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