November 27, 2023

Application Spotlight: 100% recycled HDPE Handles


In today’s global economy, there is an immediate need for producers to address the challenges of evolving markets while driving more sustainable practices. A leading North American producer of sustainable packaging handles for the food, beverage and consumer goods industries required a heavy-duty, high-performance injection molding solution to support mass production of plastic handles made from 100% recycled HDPE and using multi-cavity molds. The challenge was delivering a solution that could manage the demanding output, productivity and quality requirements, while effectively processing recycled material to embrace the principles of circular economy.


To produce this customer’s handles for canned beverage applications, Husky proposed their high performance Hylectric machine platform. The Hylectric machine’s unique Reflex platens provide uniform clamp force distribution to deliver better part quality, reduce scrap and extend tool life. The system is also designed with optimized screw geometry for more efficient processing of recycled resin, and melt stream delivery components, including screw, barrel and check valve, are built with specialized high wear resistant materials to improve the handling of recycled material and increase equipment longevity. 


Husky’s Hylectric system has yielded several significant ongoing performance, productivity and sustainability improvements for this customer. Combined with Husky hot runner systems, also optimized for recycled resin processing, Hylectric machines provide optimum performance, part quality and reliability results on long-term runs. By incorporating recycled material, this producer has been able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and now generates 78% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, consumes 90% less energy for reduced production costs and uses 100% less petroleum when compared to virgin HDPE. In addition, their handles made from 100% recycled material are recyclable for future conversion into new handles or other applications and by phasing out virgin raw material they have been able to significantly reduce parts costs.

Technology Overview

Husky Machine Technology

Area of Improvement

Added Values

Reflex Platens

Uniform clamp force distribution
Reduced tonnage requirements

Better part quality
Longer mold lifetime

High performing clamp

Cycle time reduction

Higher production volumes
Lower part costs

High Performing Injection Unit tuned for recycled resin processing

Optimized melt delivery for rHDPE processing

Better part quality
Wide process window
Operational flexibility

Robust Clamp Base

Higher mold carrying capacity
Excellent platen parallelism

Better part quality
Longer mold lifetime

Generous tie-bar spacing

Additional space for multi-cavity molds installation

Ease of mold installation
Better access for automation and maintenance

Why choose a Hylectric injection molding machine? 

Hylectric machines are designed to support aggressive cycle times for a wide range of applications, like thinwall food packaging, pails, cutlery, and medical devices. 

They are equipped with Husky’s distinctive three-platen clamping unit. The Reflex platen is designed to enable uniform clamping force distribution across the entire molding surface, for part-to-part consistency and quality. 

Superior tonnage distribution helps to reduce clamping force and mold wear. Combined with wide tie-bar spacing, large platens and a stiff clamp base, Hylectric systems are ideally equipped to run heavy, high cavitation molds that would typically require larger conventional machines. 

To meet growing demands for performance flexibility, Husky offers Hylectric machines from 120 to 1200 metric tons with a broad selection of injection units. Longer versions of the clamping unit are available for large shut-height tools.


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