October 27, 2022

Mai Dubai collaborates with Husky to achieve sustainability and long-term growth

Established in December 2012, Mai Dubai has experienced a rapid rise to becoming one of the UAE’s premier bottled water brands. Starting out with modest beginnings, the company has quickly grown in popularity and now exports to more than a dozen countries and is the official supplier of Emirates Airlines. Much of the brand’s success can be attributed to the company’s dedication to delivering a better-quality product and superior consumer experience. To continue staying ahead, Mai Dubai chooses to collaborate with suppliers who can support these ambitious goals.

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Sustainability as the pillar of their operation

Sustainability has become a top priority for many beverage packaging producers and brands. Mai Dubai upholds sustainability as a major pillar of their business model and is a leader in sustainable production. Some of Mai Dubai’s sustainability innovations include:

  • Installing the world’s second-largest solar installation on its factory rooftop
  • Running their factory on 100% solar power, including for bottle blowing, filling, packing and storage runs
  • Supporting the circular economy by collaborating with third-party companies to produce packaging using less resin
Husky and Mai Dubai working together for sustainability

Having purchased their first system from Husky in 2018, Mai Dubai was extremely satisfied with the reliability, quality and commitment delivered. This is why they decided to work with Husky for a second time. Mai Dubai had a goal to bring to market a sustainable, yet iconic product. Husky, with their proven preform molding systems and molds, world-class packaging design expertise and comprehensive service and support, once again made an ideal partner for Mai Dubai.

Husky collaborated with Mai Dubai to deliver efficiency and sustainability consultation at every stage of production. When Mai Dubai set out to construct a new facility, they worked with Husky experts and factory planning services to create and implement a custom, state-of-the-art PET preform molding operation designed to specifically meet their packaging and sustainability needs and growth goals well into the future. This includes a Husky high performance HyPET®HPP5e system, currently running a 128-cavity mold and exceeding production expectations at 80,000 preforms an hour. The system is also equipped with Husky’s Shotscope™NX plant monitoring software. Shotscope™NX is designed to continuously measure key system criteria and provides reports, updates, and alerts for thousands of points of data. Its features monitor, record and relay energy usage, production, performance and analyzes all aspects of an operation, in real-time.

To take the extra step in maximizing efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and supporting a healthy bottom line, Mai Dubai also chose to implement Husky’s Advantage+Elite™ proactive, predictive, transparent monitoring solution. With Advantage+Elite™, Mai Dubai’s systems will be monitored in real time, allowing the Husky team to recognize potential issues, predict system maintenance needs, and collaborate with Mai Dubai to proactively ensure their operation performs at peak levels of productivity, energy-usage, and reliability. In addition, Advantage+Elite™’s ability to anticipate, recognize and rectify potential issues before they impact productivity or part quality reduces the variability risk associated with running higher levels of post-consumer-resin (PCR), a functionality that will ensure a smooth transition if Mai Dubai chooses to incorporate percentages of rPET into their packaging in the future.

On the application side, Husky also consulted on the lightweighting of Mai Dubai’s iconic package, which includes a signature red cap and diamond shaped bottle. Husky worked with Mai Dubai to implement lightweighting solutions while still preserving the bottle’s unique look and feel, reducing the amount of PET usage and lowering the overall weight of each bottle, thereby helping Mai Dubai to reduce resin costs and secure the lowest cost of production.

Husky’s combined system, monitoring and design solution is helping Mai Dubai set a new bar for sustainability and productivity, and will enable the company to reduce costs, energy usage and part weight. It has also demonstrated Husky’s commitment to long-term, collaborative relationships.

“The way that Husky has helped us with our business goals is by not just selling a piece of machinery, but it's actually the after service as well. Making sure that we operate efficiently and with quality,” said Alexander van ’t Riet, CEO of Mai Dubai.

Looking ahead

Mai Dubai’s mandate is to continuously find new ways to stay ahead of the competition by adapting to evolving consumer and market demands. They are a unique success story about ambitious business goals and a desire to do something different and better than anyone else. Partnering with a complete solutions provider like Husky has enabled Mai Dubai to achieve their goals more quickly, setting the company up to remain a formidable leader in the bottled water market not only in the UAE, but globally, for years to come.

Meet with us

If you are a regional producer serving the Middle East and Africa who would like to connect with Husky about achieving your sustainability and growth goals you can visit us at Gulfood Manufacturing, November 8-10, 2022, in Hall 2, Stand B 2-4.