May 7, 2024

Husky launches HyPET®6e platform at NPE 2024 – engineered to set unprecedented new standards in sustainable molding

BOLTON, ON – Husky TechnologiesTM, a pioneering technology provider enabling the delivery of essential needs to the global community, today announced the launch of its next generation HyPET®6e platform. Building upon the industry-leading technology of the company’s flagship PET preform injection molding system, HyPET®6e is the ideal combination of proven technology and innovation engineered to work together to deliver new, unprecedented standards in sustainable molding.

“The plastics industry is at a pivotal moment and as industry leaders we must deliver by proactively developing circular solutions to address plastic waste management,” said Robert Domodossola, Husky’s President of Systems and Tooling. “Our new HyPET®6e platform meets this need as it’s designed so that all system components are integrated to work together to deliver on the unique requirements of sustainable molding, including superior rPET capability, enhanced energy efficiency, and closed-loop quality control, while simplifying operation and still delivering the lowest total production cost.”

The evolution of sustainable molding 

Visitors to Husky’s booth at NPE 2024, located in the West Hall #2801, will be the first to see the company’s new HyPET®6e technology in action. Engineered to be the market’s fastest system with unprecedented integration of machine, mold, auxiliary, and real-time remote monitoring, HyPET®6e achieves the ideal balance between high throughputs and quality without compromise.

Running at the show all week, a HyPET®HPP6e 400 system is producing a lightweight 5.89 gram, 100 percent rPET preform at a 4.5 second cycle time on a 144-cavity, 45-pitch mold – a configuration designed to enable up to double the production output. The system’s industry-leading performance and integration enables this preform to be blown into the market’s lightest, functional, industrializable 20oz (591ml) Factor 101 bottle, which is the evolution of the 2016 lab scale Factor 100 concept.

Superior rPET capability

A number of improvements have been made to enable the new HyPET®6e platform to optimize processing of lightweight preforms made from up to 100% rPET. An integrated drying solution enables accurate material blending, metal contaminant removal, and consistent material preparation when running up to 100% rPET. A high throughput screw design is optimized to deliver superior rPET melt quality while optimized melt delivery enables uniform melt flow for lightweight applications. To reduce rPET color variability, an integrated, self-adjusting, real-time inspection system enables closed-loop color correction and automatic color adjustments.

Industry-leading energy consumption

HyPET®6e has been designed with regenerative, system level energy management that delivers on demand performance. This enables the system to intuitively reduce energy consumption, resulting in a considerable decrease in operating costs for producers. At the heart of the platform is intelligent, adaptive technology that uses feedback from pressure and actuator sensors to determine the optimum pressure required to effectively and efficiently mold every application. This adaptive system monitors and automatically adjusts for optimal energy consumption without impacting system capability, cycle time or part quality. 

Simplified operation to maximize efficiency

To simplify operation, HyPET®6e has adopted additional features so that operators of all skill levels are able to achieve maximum productivity and part consistency. Intelligent, connected mold features yield advanced, real-time monitoring, extended mold life and support increased levels of rPET while maximizing uptime. Uniform preform cooling minimizes cycle time and yields superior preform quality. Simplified machine greasing performed during operation reduces maintenance time, enhanced conveyor features ensure gentle part handling to minimize defects, and automated preform sampling supports enhanced quality inspection. All systems are equipped with Advantage+EliteTM remote connectivity for real-time, proactive, predictive, transparent monitoring and the introduction of a new online Husky CompleteTM Portal delivers instant access to on-demand maintenance videos, posters, manuals, and OEM parts resources.

About Husky

Since 1953, Husky TechnologiesTM has been pioneering technologies that enable the delivery of essential needs to the global community with industry-leading expertise and service. A global leader, Husky is powered by teams of exceptional people in more than 40 locations with valued customers who operate in over 140 countries. By focusing on sustainably sourced feedstocks, material reuse and the exclusive use of medical-grade polymers, Husky continues to be committed to enabling the circular economy now and into the future.  


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