Thinwall Packaging

Improving part quality while lowering part cost

    • Responsive, local service provided by Husky experts

    • Our global service network provides responsive local support from trained Husky service professionals. We have experts in more than 40 countries, ensuring you receive high quality service quickly. Our global spare parts locations provide you with faster access to spare parts, resulting in less downtime. Husky also offers 24/7 ordering and shipping on spare parts, as well as a six-month warranty.

      We offer a number of services, including delivery and documentation, start-up support at your facility, troubleshooting and training. We also offer Manufacturing Advisory Services to help optimize the productivity and efficiency of your facility, including factory planning, plant flow simulation and our total energy management program.

    • husky-shotscopenx-process-monitoring

      Shotscope™ NX software is an integrated process and productivity monitoring system that helps you improve productivity while minimizing scrap and downtime. It provides a systematic approach to identifying and reducing sources of variability throughout the injection molding process, resulting in the ability to reduce waste while producing consistent, high quality parts.

      Our Encore™ Program offers structured upgrade solutions to retrofit current technologies on older systems, extending the life of existing Husky injection molding machines. Implementing suitable upgrades and enhancements to these systems can result in lower overall manufacturing costs and help ensure continued competitiveness.

      Pro-Act™ is a proactive maintenance program designed to improve asset availability and ensure maximum performance. The focus of this program is regular tuning and calibration of injection molding equipment to maintain like-new performance levels.

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