Thinwall Packaging

Improving part quality while lowering part cost

    • Hot runner systems delivering the best quality parts at the fastest cycles

    • Husky hot runners are optimized for thinwall packaging and designed to deliver maximum output. Our hot runners are ideal for applications requiring high speed injection paired with high injection pressure.

      Nozzle technology for packaging applications

      Our Ultra 750 Packaging nozzle features a robust design that can withstand high injection pressures up to 40,000 psi (2,700 bar), which is essential for achieving thinner part walls and improved output. Our nozzles use UltraSeal® technology providing leakproof operation over a wide temperature operating window. Ensuring excellent gate quality at the fastest cycles, the Ultra 750 valve gate is ideal for in-mold labeling applications.

    • Maximum output

      Mechanically and thermally balanced manifolds, excellent thermal profiles and unique tip designs help deliver part-to-part consistency at fast cycle times. Our stack technology generates increased productivity gains by maximizing output from a single injection molding machine, while our innovative split-sprue bar technology provides an efficient melt delivery system.

      Extensive customer support

      Our dedicated thinwall packaging team supports customers from design through to production. We offer a range of services, including flow simulation analysis, finite element analysis, resin validation tests and hot runner refurbishing.

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