Thinwall Packaging

Improving part quality while lowering part cost

    • Purpose-built, high performance packaging systems

    • husky-hypac-system-close

      For more than 50 years, Husky has been providing innovative solutions that require lighter parts and faster cycles. As a leader in the packaging industry, we develop sustainable solutions optimized to meet your needs by improving repeatability, uptime and performance, while lowering overall part costs.

      Our systems approach provides you with a single point of contact for machine, mold, hot runner and auxiliaries and is further optimized with our integrated, easy-to-use Polaris™ Control.

      Our HyPAC™ systems are optimized for demanding packaging applications, providing faster cycles, higher plasticizing rates and improved mold life. Hylectric® is our purpose-built injection molding machine that can be used for a wide range of applications – designed for high productivity, repeatability and low operating costs.

      Our hot runner systems produce thinner parts by combining the best balance with the lowest part weight – using robust Ultra Packaging nozzles that provide faster color changes and have the ability to support high injection pressures when molding aggressive L/T parts.

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