Custom Hot Runners

Delivering value and reducing risk for plastic injection molding

    • Technology to minimize your part variability

    • Molders and moldmakers require tooling solutions that are reliable, minimize variability and improve production efficiencies for the most complex applications. Our hot runner solutions meet the needs of today’s production requirements by optimizing the entire melt delivery system, ensuring the best gate quality, cavity-to-cavity balance and fastest color changes.

      Husky understands your production requirements at a tooling level. By taking a parts first approach we can optimize your hot runner for each application, helping you bring products to market faster and at the lowest part cost.

      We have hot runner solutions for any application or volume, including:
      • Single drop and low cavitation hot runners
      • High cavitation systems from 24 to 128 drops and higher
      • Stack hot runner systems
      • Multi-material systems
      • Non-symmetrical systems
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