Beverage Packaging

Husky is the leader in PET preform manufacturing equipment

    • Work with the world’s largest moldmaker for a variety of preform molding needs

    • Preform tooling

      As the world’s largest moldmaker, Husky is able to deliver global tooling programs for new molds or conversions of any size. We continue to invest in our dedicated state-of-the-art facilities to increase capacity, reduce lead times and maximize part quality. In-house test rooms are capable of testing all molds manufactured. Preform molds range from single to 144 cavities.

      • Industry-leading productivity based on fast cycle times and high efficiency levels
      • Part ejection sensors monitor preform transfer to the take-off plate, improving cycle times and reducing the risk of mold damage
      • Standard interchangeable mold components, replacement parts available
      • Two-piece cavity option allows the replacement of wear parts without changing the entire cavity
      • Choice of standard or High Performance Package (HPP) designs to best match system output to production requirements
      • Multi-position take-off plates and post-mold cooling devices ensure cool, damage-free preforms exit the conveyor
      • High quality materials and proven mold designs ensure long mold life
      • Ultra hot runners feature a spring pack that increases the temperature operating range and eliminates leaking plastic
      • Stainless steel stacks eliminate molding surface corrosion and reduce refurbishing and conversion costs
      Part quality
      • Best-in-class manufacturing machines and processes result in lowest cavity-to-cavity weight and dimensional variability
      • Water connections consolidated at the bottom of the mold eliminate potential for water marks on preforms
      • Variety of stack designs and surface finish options allow each application to be optimized to meet your specific needs
      • Special programs available when tighter than industry standard dimensional and/or weight tolerances are required (standard on HyPET® HPP systems)
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