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Husky is the leader in PET preform manufacturing equipment

    • Hot runner technology tailored for the specific needs of PET preform molds

    • husky-pet-hotrunner

      Husky PET preform systems are the most productive in the industry. The entire system, including the hot runner, is designed to work together seamlessly and efficiently. Our experience, complete systems approach and broad customer support network combine to keep our customers in the lead.

      Knowledge gained from a variety of markets

      Husky takes hot runner technology developed for the broader injection molding market and customizes it for the specific needs of PET preform molds.  Low shear rates, balanced manifolds, robust plate designs, virtually leakproof nozzles and ease of maintenance are all features that contribute to a more reliable and highly productive PET preform system.

      Our PET preform systems feature a patented hot runner design that improves thermal uniformity and optimizes melt delivery. This allows for increased shot-to-shot consistency and less part-to-part variability, resulting in substantially fewer downstream issues.

      HPP5 Technology Upgrade

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