Beverage Closures

Husky is the largest supplier of injection molding equipment to the beverage closure industry

    • Hot runners optimized for beverage closure manufacturing

    • husky-ultra-750-ht-s6-hotrunner

      Husky offers a wide range of hot runner products and services designed to meet the needs of any beverage closure application.

      High output

      Husky hot runners support fast cycle times and the highest productivity demands while maintaining cavity-to-cavity consistency. Our Ultra nozzle tip technology enables a wide operating window while UltraSeal® technology assures a leakproof hot runner.

    • Built to last

      Every hot runner is designed and built using stainless steel plates and high quality components. This includes our UltraGuide® valve gate that provides consistent, superior gate quality. Plates and manifolds provide improved flatness and optimize the temperature profile of the manifold plate.

    • Shot-to-shot repeatability and faster color changes

      Our fully balanced hot runners allow for consistent cavity-to-cavity filling. Every Ultra hot runner undergoes application-specific melt channel sizing analysis to optimize balance, shear rate and pressure drop.

      Energy Savings Package (ESP)

      Our Energy Savings Package (ESP) is the latest in hot runner design technology for beverage closure manufacturing, effectively reducing energy consumption by up to 30% at the hot runner level and up to 3% at the system level. ESP is standard on HyCAP systems that include our KTW mold.

      Extensive customer support

      Our dedicated global beverage closure team supports customers on multiple levels from part design through to system start-up. Our locally-based service and sales network is accessible for 24/7 spare parts and technical support.

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