Beverage Closures

Husky is the largest supplier of injection molding equipment to the beverage closure industry

    • Total manufacturing solutions for beverage closures

    • Investing in a complete solution from Husky provides the industry’s best financial return and offers the lowest amount of risk. As your partner, we take responsibility for the complete workcell, including machine, mold, hot runner, temperature controller, auxiliaries and productivity and production monitoring software. We can help plan your manufacturing operation, oversee configuration, supply and start-up. We also offer the most comprehensive aftersales support programs in the industry.

      Husky has the largest global service and support network and the largest global manufacturing capacity in the industry. This allows us to support any size beverage closure project and improve your speed to market. A complete solution from Husky, backed by our global support network, ensures your system performs as efficiently as possible to deliver the best part quality with the lowest part cost. This allows you to focus on what matters most – growing your business and improving your bottom line.
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