November 25, 2022



In a highly competitive retail environment, a longtime customer needed to improve productivity and profitability while reducing energy consumption and without compromising their existing premium food containers with in-mold label graphics.


Husky Solution:

High Performance and Energy Efficient HyperSync HNP600 molding platform

  • Electric mold stroke, electric clamp lock and speed variable servo pump contributed to a 35% decrease in energy consumption
  • High performance clamp featuring Reflex platens achieved high part quality and low part costs with quick return on initial investment
  • High repeatability of moving Platen positioning decreased scrap rate by adding consistent in-mold label placement accuracy

Added Values

  • 35% reduced energy consumption
  • Annual savings of $30,000
  • Decreased scrap rate
  • Increased profitability

Husky Machine Technology

Area of Improvement

Added Values

High performance clamping unit

Cycle time reduction
Reduced mold cavity and machine size

Higher production volumes
Lower part costs

Reflex platens

Equal clamp force distribution
Lower tonnage requirements

Better part quality
Longer mold life

Robust clamp base and linear bearings

Higher mold weight carrying capability
Excellent platens parallelism
Minimum core shift

Low reject rate
Longer mold life

Generous tie-bar spacing and daylight

More space for big multi-cavity tooling

Better automation and
maintenance access

High injection performance

Optimum process window
Faster injection and recovery rates
High throughput capability

Higher part quality
Operational flexibility
Optimized lightweighting


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