July 19, 2021

Learn How Ngoc Nghia Improved Quality and Reduced Scrap with Shotscope™ 4.0 

As a packaging manufacturer, the most valuable asset you can possess is information—detailed, accurate information about how your machinery is performing, such as mold flow analysis, as well as where potential problems are waiting and where opportunities for greater efficiency can be found.

But how do you get consistent, reliable data about all aspects of your operation so that you can make informed decisions about how to improve your company’s performance and profitability?

That’s the question the management at Ngoc Nghia (NN) asked itself. And the answer, they discovered, was injection molding production software.

Ngoc Nghia 

Located in Vietnam and serving Asian markets, NN is a leading supplier of rigid packaging, specializing in PET blow-molding; injection molding for preforms, closures and handles; and compression molding for closures. At its three locations, NN uses 19 Husky injection molding machines to produce more than 7 billion units across 200 SKUs each year, delivering quality products to hundreds of customers in 24 countries.

With an extensive and diverse product portfolio, and numerous machines and production facilities, NN needed a plant monitoring solution, to help its management team gain visibility into its operations, generate reports in an organized way, and track and measure its performance improvements. In short, NN needed injection molding analysis software.

The NN management team also wanted a solution that could help with product management and traceability, and a system that could serve as a platform for continuous improvement of operational equipment effectiveness (OEE) across its entire organization. In consultation with Husky, NN selected Shotscope 4.0 plant management software.

Shotscope 4.0 is proprietary Husky software and the industry’s most advanced plant monitoring system. Shotscope 4.0 is designed to continuously measure key criteria for a range of Husky injection molding machines, and provides reports, updates and alerts for thousands of points of data. Husky Shotscope 4.0’s features let users monitor energy usage, plan production, track performance and analyze all aspects of an operation. Information is recorded and relayed in real time, and is stored and processed using a virtual server. Alerts and reports can be sent to mobile devices, ensuring key information quickly gets to the people who can make important decisions in a timely manner.


  • Analyze your Big Data
  • Customize it for your needs
  • View from any device
  • Alerts based on set thresholds

NN’s use of Husky Shotscope 4.0 is in the early stages, and already the company has used this proprietary injection molding software to establish a statistical process control manufacturing technique with 100% traceability, resulting in improved quality and reduced scrap. With this early success, NN has started to implement Shotscope 4.0 into its remaining IT infrastructure, and plans are in place to continue working in consultation with Husky to explore all the features and benefits of the software.

What’s next? 

Husky Shotscope 4.0 software has been specifically designed to meet the large-scale preform and closure production needs of customers like NN. If you’re interested in improving the performance the Husky Shotscope 4.0 solution may be for you.