January 27, 2023


Learn how Husky’s new Multi-Layer PET solution gives brands the best of all worlds for small-format CSD packages: get the benefits of PET, plus long shelf life and local recyclability in a solution that is accepted and recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers.

The challenges with using PET for small-FORMAT CSD packages

Which packaging material is most popular for CSD? The answer depends on the size of the package. 

In CSD packages from 356-600ml, PET has been the most popular material for many years due to its many benefits, including strength, shelf appeal, transparency, and lower carbon footprint. 

For CSD packages 355ml and smaller, PET has not been as widely used. This is mainly due to the fact that smaller, mono-layer PET packages allow CO2 to escape at a rate that shortens the shelf life of the product. Barrier polymers such as nylon have proven effective in reducing the egress of CO2 from small PET bottles and prolonging the shelf life of the beverage. However, it comes at a cost of recyclability as the traditional approaches to nylon barriers contaminate the PET recycling stream, rendering the packages unrecyclable.

Aluminum cans, on the other hand, retain CO2 well and are often the package of choice for the smaller sizes. However, aluminum is also not optimal as it has become scarce and expensive in recent years and has a much bigger carbon footprint than PET.

In this context, a new solution for small format CSD packages was needed to meet both performance and sustainability requirements.

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Changing the game with an innovative solution For small-format CSD

Consumer preferences are always evolving, and brands need to be able to evolve with them. 

Today’s consumers demand beverage packages that deliver all of the traditional benefits of PET and are also recyclable with local recycling facilities.  

To meet this need, Husky has collaborated with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, a leading producer of polymers with high barrier properties, to introduce a fully recyclable PET solution for small-format CSD. 

The solution is a truly innovative Multi-Layer package that features:

  • A newly engineered barrier material for CO2 retention: MXD6 M6007D™ 
  • Precision-injected barrier material added to bottle sidewalls 
  • Full recyclability during conventional post-consumer processing


Accepted by American and European recycling associations

Not only does the solution solve the traditional challenges of CO2 egress and shelf life, it also meets the strict recyclability criteria established by key governing bodies in the recycling industry; The American Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) and the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP). Up to 2.5 wt% MXD6 meets the critical guidance of APR. EPBP design guidelines accept up to 5 wt% MXD6 in transparent clear or light blue PET bottles and up to 6 wt% MXD6 in transparent colored PET bottles.  


This means consumers can finally enjoy CSD beverages in a PET package that offers:

  • The convenience and aesthetics of PET 
  • High package performance and longer shelf life
  • Greater sustainability
  • Recycling at local recycling facilities

Truly the best of all worlds!

Talk to a Husky representative to learn more about our innovative barrier solution.

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