Ultra SideGate Technology

Direct side-gating made easy

    • Helping simplify direct-gating and eliminate cold runners

    • Our new Ultra SideGate Inline™ hot runner now available is designed for molders who need to produce high quality parts for a wide variety of resins where the gate is on a sidewall.
      • Allows direct gating of parts that would otherwise require gating with a cold runner
      • Provides outstanding gate quality over a wide operating window
      • UltraSpring technology ensures easy, leakproof start-ups
      • Simple design concept makes it easy to integrate into your mold
      • Requires a small footprint in the mold
      • An ideal solution for deep draw parts, such as pipettes, syringe barrels and other small parts
    • Introducing our new Ultra SideGate Inline

      Our new Ultra SideGate Inline is ideal for part spacing as low as 18 mm. In addition to all of the benefits of our standard Ultra SideGate hot runner, the inline configuration is available with individual temperature tip control providing industry leading balance performance.

    • Superior part quality

      Exceptional gate quality is critical, especially in the medical industry where minimal vestige is required. Our Ultra SideGate hot runner is capable of producing a gate with virtually no vestige on the finished part (~0.05 mm vestige).

      Maximum productivity with minimum footprint

      Our Ultra SideGate hot runner optimizes tip-to-tip spacing, as small as 55 mm, and the nozzle footprint is optimized for maximum mold integrity. This allows for a maximized number of mold cavities in the mold base.

    • husky-hot-runner-sidegate-easy-install
      Easy installation and maintenance

      Ultra SideGate is simple to use and easy to maintain. Nozzle tips are mounted separately from the nozzle housing into one-piece cavity inserts before hot half assembly. This approach eliminates the need for split cavities, reducing mold maintenance and providing direct access to individual tips without the need to disassemble the entire drop.

    • Leakproof operation with UltraSeal

      Our patented UltraSeal® technology is built into every Ultra SideGate nozzle providing consistent leakproof operation that is guaranteed for three years. The Ultra SideGate tip-to-housing interface is pre-loaded using springs, allowing for performance across a wider temperature range.

    • husky-hot-runners-ultra-sidegate-nozzle
      Flexible tip configurations

      Ultra SideGate can support one, two or four tips per nozzle, providing the flexibility to fit your application and molding needs. Ultra SideGate is designed to accommodate a wide variety of resins, including difficult-to-mold resins such as polycarbonate.


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