Ultra Helix™ Valve Gate Nozzles

Simply the best gate quality and gate life

    • Perfect gate vestige with the best valve gate technology

    • With the introduction of our latest valve gate technology, Ultra Helix™, it is now possible to direct gate parts with gate vestige so clean it is often unmeasurable.This level of gate quality lasts for millions of cycles – longer than any other valve gate currently available. Ultra Helix also simplifies cold half machining requirements to integrate the hot runner with the mold. Using Ultra Helix together with UltraSync-E, Husky’s market leading servo valve stem actuation, is key to enabling the best performance from Ultra Helix. This combination of technologies also makes it possible to run for over five million cycles without having to replace any moving parts, and eliminates the use of compressed air, which minimizes the energy requirements and cost of valve gate molding.


      Ultra Helix valve gates were designed using a first-principles approach to understand exactly how gate vestige is formed, and incorporate novel, advanced manufacturing technologies, resulting in a valve gate that:

      • Guarantees stem to gate orifice concentricity, virtually eliminating mechanical wear on these components
      • Provides an incredibly consistent thermal profile, which results in outstanding cavity balance performance and very wide processing windows
      • Simplifies machining for mold integration, saving mold makers time and money and shortening molders validation times

      Ultra Helix incorporates a new heater design that provides the performance of an integrated heater with the maintainability benefits of Husky’s removable heater. The consistency and performance of these heaters decouples short shot balance from nozzle heater performance, ensuring that you never have to worry about balance changes when replacing a heater. This new level of heater consistency can significantly reduce mold qualification time and cost.

      Ultra Helix delivers performance that no other valve gate can beat, with one of a kind, leading-edge hot runner technology. With Ultra Helix Valve Gates, you will invest once and mold worry-free, perfect parts for millions of cycles.

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