Ultra Advantage

Advanced technologies to help you produce better parts at faster cycles

    • High quality parts with minimal variability for all volumes

    • Reliable, high performance hot runners are a critical element of any injection molding system. Our Ultra family of hot runners can help optimize your system to achieve high output, improved balance, fast color change and superior quality parts with reduced variability.

      Our Ultra family of hot runners provides:
      • Wide operating window for maximum processing flexibility
      • Easy maintenance and part replacement
      • Gating solutions for abrasive materials
      • Three-year leakproof guarantee
      UltraGuide® technology pre-aligns valve stems prior to entering the gate area, achieving excellent gate quality.
      • Up to five million cycles with no visible gate and stem wear
      • Cylindrical shut-off for superior gate quality across a range of operating temperatures
      • Thermally conductive tip components for easy start-up and a wide processing window
      UltraSeal® technology prevents leakage at start-up, even if the hot runner is not within its operating window. It also comes with a three-year leakproof guarantee.
      • Nozzles are pre-loaded to the manifold providing leakproof operation in cold conditions
      • Leakproof operation covering a wide processing window (up to +/- 100°C)
      • UltraSeal spring pack offers protection against overheating – wide operating window prevents damage to nozzles and plates
      • Spring forces optimized to minimize plate bowing, reducing mold wear
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