• Standard or custom programs to meet your needs

    • Husky offers professional training programs targeted at improving productivity via knowledge transfer. Our training model follows a four-step process.
      • Training needs are assessed. An optional training needs assessment test is available
      • Agreement on recommended training solution
      • Delivery and completion of training
      • Post-training follow-up testing (recommended option)
      Programs are designed to teach theory and demonstrate practical skills aimed at maximizing the skills of your staff. Training is available either on-site or at a Husky training center. Including three main categories, these programs convey best practices for the specific area of concentration.
      • Basic Operator – safe operation and daily maintenance
      • Maintenance – practices to ensure the machine is maintained per Husky best practices
      • Injection Process – for the advanced user in the plant to improve machine performance

      Courses are delivered using interactive multimedia presentations and practical exercises using a machine in our training lab.

      Worldwide training contacts


      Mike Racioppo
      Technical Training Manager
      Phone: 905-951-5000 x2566

      Europe, Middle-East and Africa

      Patrick Schmitt
      Technical Training Manager
      Phone: +352 52115-4209
      Fax: +352 523040

      Asia and Australia

      Michael Yu
      Technical Training Manager
      Phone: +86 21-2033-1000 x1273

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