Specialty Closures

Full suite of specialty closure solutions to fit your specific project needs

    • Specialty closure products optimized to provide industry-leading quality and productivity

    • husky-ktw-specialty-mold

      Husky offers a suite of products designed for specialty closure manufacturing. Available individually or as a complete solution, our specialty closure products are optimized to work together to provide industry-leading quality and productivity, allowing you to produce high quality parts faster and with less waste.

      Husky KTW™ molds are designed to produce the highest quality parts at the fastest cycle times. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, KTW molds employ the unique EASYcube™ mold technology to provide industry-leading uptime and reliability for the life of your system.

    • Our Hylectric® injection molding machine offers a flexible solution for specialty closure manufacturing and can be used for a wide range of specialty closure applications. Specifically designed to achieve high productivity, repeatability and low operating costs, Hylectric offers cycle times that are 15-30% faster than competing machines, with higher levels of quality and reliability. Our Hylectric machine is also offered with a package that includes optimizations tailored to specialty closure manufacturing.

      We offer a wide range of hot runners for a variety of specialty closure applications. With valve gate, hot tip and side-gating options, our hot runner systems offer a wide processing window, faster color change and are able to produce better quality parts.

    • husky-altanium-temperature-controllers

      Also available are Husky Altanium™ temperature controllers, which provide the industry’s most accurate temperature control. Altanium controllers come equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface and provide two to 254 zones of control. Additionally, our Shotscope™ NX process and productivity monitoring software allows you to collect, manage and analyze production information to maximize productivity and reduce downtime.

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