Specialty Closures

Full suite of specialty closure solutions to fit your specific project needs

    • Specialty closure hot runner solutions to achieve optimal performance for any application

    • husky-specialty-closures-sidegate-hotrunner

      The Husky Ultra SideGate™ hot runner is ideal for parts that do not have the flat surface required for effective gating with a regular nozzle. Ultra SideGate allows you to direct-gate parts in non-traditional locations and direct-gate parts that would traditionally require gating with a cold runner. Direct-gating parts with Ultra SideGate allows you to achieve better quality parts, faster cycle times and significant resin savings. Ultra SideGate hot runners are also ideal for applications with tight pitch requirements.

      Our premium UltraSync™ valve gate hot runners provide the highest levels of precision and repeatability in a robust system that requires minimal maintenance. Shot-to-shot and part-to-part consistency is achieved through precise stem closing, helping to eliminate variability from the injection molding process.

    • All Ultra nozzles include our three-year UltraSeal™ leakproof guarantee. UltraSeal technology helps to prevent leakage at start-up and offers leakproof operation across a wide processing window for increased flexibility.

      Our hot runners are also manufactured with fully balanced melt channels that are sized for optimal performance in high cavitation molds – resulting in improved consistency and repeatability. In addition, we provide flow simulation analysis and resin testing to ensure optimal hot runner performance.

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