Specialty Closures

Full suite of specialty closure solutions to fit your specific project needs

    • Work with the only company to offer a complete specialty closure injection molding solution

    • For specialty closure manufacturing, Husky is the only company offering complete injection molding solutions, including machine, mold, hot runner and temperature controller, as well as process and productivity monitoring software. As a single source supplier, we are able to optimize the manufacturing process, resulting in higher productivity and better quality parts.

      We are committed to working with you to design solutions that fit your needs and meet your specific project expectations. Our specialty closure offering is designed for a variety of applications, from edible oils to sports drinks to personal care products. Regardless of application, every specialty closure project is customized to your exact specifications and is unique to your part needs.

      One of the key advantages Husky brings to the specialty closure market is our KTW molds. We have more than 30 years of experience in specialty closure engineering and application expertise, as well as the resources to help bring your products to market faster and at a lower cost. When combined with our global service and support network, this is a huge benefit for your business.

      By providing a complete solution, we are able to make system-level enhancements that provide higher levels of productivity, reduced waste and improved part quality. This also results in faster time-to-market for large scale projects and provides you with a single source to manage requirements throughout the life of the system. Our specialty closure products are also available as individual standalone components.

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