Optimized injection molding solutions delivering high-quality medical parts

    • Hot runner solutions for complex applications and engineering resins

    • Husky’s medical hot runner solutions can accommodate the most challenging processing conditions and part designs while producing the highest quality parts with minimal variability.

    • Part consistency and gate quality

      Our hot runners are optimized for applications requiring minimal gate vestige. Our complete management of the melt stream ensures part-to-part consistency.

      UltraSync™ achieves 100% valve stem synchronization, resulting in the production of consistently precise parts.

      Ultra SideGate™ is ideal where gating on the side of the part and gate vestige is critical, including pipettes and syringe barrels.

      UltraGuide® valve gate technology is designed for critical gate quality requirements and is ideal for processing engineering and heat sensitive resins.

      Altanium™ controllers help to reduce variability by providing the most accurate temperature control.

      Greater productivity

      Our UltraSeal® technology provides a leakproof system by sealing off the area between the manifold and nozzle. Optimized thermal uniformity along the melt channels and nozzles reduce wear from minimal plate deflection, providing faster cycle times and improved uptime.

      Extensive customer support

      Our dedicated medical applications team supports you from part design through to production. Our locally-based service and sales network is accessible 24/7 for spare parts and technical support.

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