KTW™ Molds

Helping you produce the most consistent, highest quality parts

    • Work with the world's largest mold maker

    • Specialty closure molds

      Husky KTW™ molds are supported by 30 years of deep technical expertise and innovation. They are developed with the goal of delivering the highest value by providing industry-leading part quality, productivity and reliability. Our specialty closure molds are manufactured at a number of dedicated locations around the world.

      KTW™ molds feature:
      • Multi-component technology
      • In-mold assembly and in-mold closing
      • Cube, single-face or stack design
      • Unique EASYcube™ technology for industry-leading reliability
      • Highest levels of part quality and repeatability
      • Cycle time optimization
      • Weight optimization for existing closures and new designs
      • Flexibility and compatibility with competing specialty closure products
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