Aftermarket Services

Value-added services to increase system performance, uptime and reliability

    • Extended Protection Plan - Comprehensive coverage to
      improve your bottom line

    • The all new Extended Protection Plan™ from Husky aims to help you stay in the lead by making repair costs predictable, improving equipment availability and by helping you protect your bottom line.

      Depending on the type and original manufactured date of your equipment the Extended Protection Plan can include parts replacement and labor for your Husky machine, components of your complete mold and/or cold half and any Husky branded auxiliaries* (dehumidifier (DH), preform handling, Metal Separator, Resin loader and doser, mono hopper dryer, chiller).

      Improved cost predictability.

      No more paying for surprise repairs. With the Extended Protection Plan™ you can simplify your maintenance and budget planning, be protected against inflationary impact to part costs and benefit from a reduction in the administrative effort and costs that go into managing repairs.

      Flexible options and coverage plans available to fit your specific needs.

      As one of the industry’s most comprehensive coverage plans you can increase your protection period by up-to 61 months.* You may also combine the Extended Protection Plan™ with Pro-Act™ and/or Advanced Process Optimization Services* to get the most benefit and ensure improved productivity levels and best part quality. This provides you with a worry free warranty and maintenance program which allows you to save on operating cost over time and extends the useful life of your equipment.

      Husky support and 24/7 access to our global customer service team.

      When you extend the coverage of your Husky equipment with the Extended Protection Plan™ you get hassle free access to genuine Husky parts and service. The Extended Protection Plan also ensures that a certified and professionally trained Husky technician is on site using quality OEM parts.

      To find out what type of additional coverage your Husky equipment can receive with the Extended Protection Plan™ contact us today.

      *Advanced Process Optimization Services are only available for PET and Beverage Closure systems.
      **Husky’s Standard Warranty terms and conditions apply.
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