Expert Husky services designed to optimize operational excellence

    • Infrastructure Design Services

    • husky-consulting-infrastructure-design

      This process ensures the facility meets the design intent established in the factory planning study by providing a detailed engineering of options that have been recommended in the initial study and selected by the customer.

      For customers expanding or upgrading existing facilities, Husky’s mechanical and electrical engineers will provide a detailed engineering specification for an optimized process services system. The service considers the specific industry, future growth, operational and capital costs and geographic location.

    • Detailed building and infrastructure engineering and design can be provided in the following areas:
      • Process water system (mold and machine cooling)
      • Process air
      • Process electrical
      • HVAC
      • Resin handling system
      • Structural
      • Environmental and energy reduction
      The engineering study can include all or some of the following features:
      • Installation drawings
      • Detailed Process Instrumentation and Diagrams (P&ID)
      • Detailed equipment specifications (chillers, cooling towers, pumps, tanks compressors, air handling units, dehumidification equipment, power generation, electrical components, etc.)
      • Bills of materials
      • Component schedules
      • 3D pipe and equipment drawings showing detailed equipment and pipe routings
      • Rendered views
      • Electrical single line drawings
      • Structural plans for mezzanines, silo pads, roofing, etc.
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